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Communication Series

Communication Series – Writing ProcessIn this Network Collective member exclusive podcast, Russ, Eyvonne, and Jordan talk through the processes that they use to form …2018-08-03 08:59:41
Communication Series – StructureIn the this continuation of our exclusive communication series, Eyvonne, Jordan, and Russ discuss several options for structuring your communication …2018-06-26 10:13:34
Communication Series – Learning From OthersIn the this continuation of our exclusive communication series, Eyvonne, Jordan, and Russ talk about some practical ways to improve …2018-05-24 08:09:38
Communication Series – IntroductionIn the initial episode of our exclusive communication series, Eyvonne and Russ lay the groundwork for how you should approach …2018-05-24 07:28:05

Design Series

Design Series – Spine And Leaf – Part 1If you’ve spent any time in datacenter networking design recently you know that spine and leaf topologies are the direction …2018-11-14 08:00:29
Design Series – TopologiesIn this continuation of our member exclusive design series we discuss different types of network topologies and the characteristics they …2018-08-28 18:07:16
Design Series – Design ProcessIn this Network Collective member exclusive podcast, Russ, Eyvonne, and Jordan share their thoughts on the design process/lifecycle and how …2018-08-03 09:06:37
Design Series – Design PatternsUsing consistent and repeatable design patterns in your network designs can give many positive benefits. Pattern based designs are also …2018-07-05 09:03:08
Design Series – ModularizationModularization in design bring many benefits including policy insertion points, minimal interaction surfaces, and repeatable configuration. Listen to Eyvonne, Russ, …2018-05-31 08:18:34
Design Series – Design DriversMany factors drive the decisions you make in network design and in this episode we cover the basic ones that …2018-05-31 08:15:26

Conversations Series

Conversations – Firing On All CylindersHow do you maintain consistent productivity even when your motivation is shot? Are mental breaks the equivelent of being lazy? …2018-11-14 08:00:56
Conversations – Imposter SyndromeConversations is a new Network Collective member series where we sit down and talk about relevant topics impacting the network …2018-09-13 07:46:58


Short Takes

50 Things Every Network Engineer Needs To Know

50 Things – Reactive and Proactive Control PlanesIn this exclusive member Short Take, Russ talks through the operational differences between reactive and proactive control planes and how …2018-11-14 08:00:42
50 Things – Feedback LoopsHave you ever heard the sound of feedback in an audio system. That’s just one example of a positive feedback …2018-11-14 08:00:23
50 Things – Router Vs. SwitchWhat exactly is the difference between a router and a switch? In this continuation of our 50 Things Everything Network …2018-11-14 08:00:22
50 Things – Split Horizon And Poison ReverseIn this episode, Russ explains how split horizon and poison reverse are used to empower routing protocols to fulfill their …2018-11-14 08:00:07
50 Things – Transport ModelsTransport models help us break down and understand how our networks forward traffic. In this episode, Russ breaks down the …2018-11-14 08:00:06
50 Things – Leaky AbstractionsAbstraction is a tool that’s been used since the earliest days of computer networking, but for all the good that …2018-11-14 08:00:05
50 Things – Unintended ConsequencesIn this exclusive member Short Take, Russ explains how design decisions and interaction surfaces can sometimes result in unintended consequences. …2018-08-16 07:25:47
50 Things – Device ComponentsIn this exclusive member Short Take, Russ details the different components that make up networking hardware and how they interact …2018-08-16 07:25:22
50 Things – Packet PathIn this exclusive member Short Take, Russ dissects how the internals of networking devices move a packet from coming in …2018-08-16 07:24:38
50 Things – DNS LookupsIn this exclusive member Short Take, Russ walks through how a DNS lookup happens from start to finish.  2018-05-24 00:10:39
50 Things – Dijkstra’s AlgorithmIn this exclusive member Short Take, Russ steps you through how Dijkstra’s Shortest Path Algorithm works. This algorithm is the …2018-05-24 00:07:56
50 Things – CAP TheoremIn this exclusive member Short Take, Russ talks about the implications of CAP Theorem and how the tradeoffs between consistency, …2018-05-23 23:57:25
50 Things – Failure DomainsIn this exclusive member Short Take, Russ talks through what a failure domain is and how you should consider them …2018-05-23 23:52:55

The Math Of Networking

Math Of Networking – Minimum Spanning TreesThis is the first full discussion as we have built some foundations. We discuss the problem of finding spanning trees …2018-05-31 07:53:12
Math Of Networking – Adjacency MatricesEvery graph can be represented in matrix format by an adjacency matrix. As the adjacency matrix can be used in …2018-05-31 07:48:22
Math Of Networking – Graph MiscellanyThis one is a slightly more advanced version of Types of Graphs. We discuss the complement of a graph, bipartite …2018-05-31 07:44:50
Math Of Networking – Graph DegreesThe degree of the vertex of a graph is defined and explored, as this metric plays a large role in …2018-05-31 07:43:03
Math Of Networking – TreesAs trees hold a special place in networking, this video addresses tree graphs a bit deeper. The notion of a …2018-05-31 07:40:24
Math Of Networking – Types Of GraphsHere, we discuss some basic types of graphs one may encounter, and the different forms they may take. Paths, cycles, …2018-05-31 07:31:44
Math Of Networking – Graph BasicsThis brief video discusses the definition of a graph, and some other terminology needed for the understanding of graph theoretic …2018-05-31 07:29:07


Member Q&A Series

Q&A Series – Mike Bushong – August 2018In this member exclusive question and answer session Mike Bushong joins the Network Collective crew to talk about the networking …2018-09-10 22:24:39
Q&A Series – Denise Fishburne – July 2018In this exclusive member Q&A session, we chat with Denise Fishburne about mentorship, learning new skills, and various other networking …2018-07-31 12:23:34
Q&A Series – Dinesh Dutt – June 2018In this exclusive member Q&A session, we chat with Dinesh Dutt about industry trends, the future of networking, and extract …2018-07-03 08:17:20