Why The Network Collective Community Matters

Network Engineers connect the world.

Data networks are the foundation of nearly every communication medium in the world. Without networks, and network engineers, our organizations, governments, and lives would be deprived of world-changing technology.

Networks are the unsung enablers of modern life. Network engineers make it all happen.

But where do network engineers go to network with one another? Network Collective is building a community of like-minded networkers who want to excel at their craft and connect the planet.

What is the Network Collective Community?

Network Collective exists to bring network engineers together. From the absolute beginning, Network Collective’s primary goal has been to build, foster, and support the network engineering community in practical and meaningful ways. With our Community Roundtable series, we gather members of the networking community to talk about the networking craft in a bi-weekly video and audio format. In the History of Networking series, we invite the foundational minds who built and designed networking technologies to educate networkers on key elements of the technology we use. In our Off the Cuff series, we discuss industry events and what they mean for network engineers. These resources are freely available to everyone.

What Are Our Members Saying About Membership?

Dive Deeper into Network Collective

Join Network Collective as we take the next step to connect network engineers. With our community membership, we are bridging the gap between engineers in the trenches and the information they need to take the next step in their careers.

This is your opportunity to be more than just a listener at Network Collective.

Network engineers need more than “how-to” training on specific products. They need mentoring, metacognitive skills, and a grasp of the theoretical concepts which form the foundation of networking. Our exclusive content not only aims to teach you the why behind the how, but also illuminates the skills you need to relate to people and the business.

Because we believe in supporting network engineers, a portion of your membership subscription is used to give back to the stellar contributors of exclusive content. Independent voices in the networking community are important. Your contribution to Network Collective helps support high quality content creation and limits our reliance on vendors for support.

If you're already ready to join, you can find a more succinct listing of benefits on our Membership Levels page. To hear about all of the valuable benefits you'll receive by joining, please read on...

Exclusive Content

As a Network Collective Community member, you will receive exclusive content created just for you. The format will be familiar, delivered in podcast and short take formats and will focus on training, development and mentorship at a deeper level than our public podcast channels.

Much of this content will be generated by the Network Collective team. We’re also inviting guest contributors to the community every month to add breadth and depth to the exclusive content that you’ll receive. Expect two additional podcasts and three exclusive short takes every month — with more great resources from time to time.

Live Expert Q&A

In addition to exclusive podcast content, community members will be invited to participate in a monthly Expert Q&A. We’ll invite a distinguished contributor to participate in a recorded Question and Answer session. Community members will be able to join the recording live and submit questions to the event moderator. The session will be recorded and available for playback to all community members. This is an opportunity for you to engage with leading experts in our field and to actively participate in the conversation.

Network Collective Member Slack

Every great community fosters deeper relationships among its members. Network Collective is no exception. As a Network Collective Community member, you can participate in the invite-only Network Collective Membership Slack. All Network Collective members, guests, and hosts will be invited to interact on topics that matter to network engineers.

Ad Free Content

As a Community Member, you will be entitled to ad-free content, including ad-free versions of all publicly available content.

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Want to support Network Collective but not ready for membership?

For those of you who want to support the community financially, but are unable to commit to a full membership, become a Network Collective Supporter. If you believe in the value of connecting the network engineers who connect our world, you can contribute $5 per month and receive all of our public content without advertisements.

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Networks have never been more important. Great network engineers are essential. Join us as we learn from one another and build a network for network engineers.